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Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is a place where you likely begin and end each day. From brushing your teeth and tidying your appearance to taking a warm bath before bed, your bathroom has likely become one of the most used rooms in your home—which is why it’s important that it’s tailored to your every need. If you’ve grown tired of your bathroom’s impractical layout and outdated aesthetics, a remodel is an ideal solution for you.

Bathroom Remodel Services

Designing a new bathroom is like piecing together a puzzle. In order to create the picture perfect bathroom, it takes time, dedication, and the right team to piece together all the different elements that make up your dream space. At Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC, our team specializes in floor to ceiling bathroom remodels and our services include but are not limited to:



If the home is where the heart is, then you want your home to look great. It all starts with a fantastic exterior. Our team of painters has experience painting brick, vinyl siding, doors, and virtually anything else you can think of. Put a new coat of paint onto your exterior and not only will you give your home great curb appeal, you’ll also have added protection against the elements.

Your Expert House Painters

Exterior House Painting
Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC offers professional exterior house painting services. We can help with all types of exterior home surfaces including wood, siding, stucco and more.
Interior House Painting
Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC provides a range of custom interior painting services, allowing for a smooth, seamless experience and exceptional results in every home.


Our carpentry services specialize in a wide range of home projects and installations. During your initial estimate with Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC, tell us how we can help you and exactly what you would like installed or updated in your home. We customize every project to fit your specific needs and vision.

One of our specialties is interior and exterior door installation and replacement. If the doors in your home are out of date, damaged, or are ready to be replaced, our craftsmen will replace and install any of your doors such as bedroom doors, entryways, patio doors, and more. We also provide services to install pet doors and storm doors as well. To complete the job, we offer interior and exterior trim installation and replacement. Update or detail any room with new crown molding and trim as well. With the help of our experts, pick out the best material and color for any room.


Do you have a dull or rundown deck you’ve been wanting to restore? Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC is a premier service provider for deck restoration and rejuvenation. When it comes to deck restoration, our highly trained staff have seen it all. We’re experienced in deck sealing, timber deck restoration and deck repair . Our goal is to make sure that every resident has a highly functional and beautiful deck that they are proud to come home to.

Why Choose Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC For Your Deck Restoration?

At Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC, we offer top-quality wood deck restoration that homeowners can trust. Our reputation has been built on hard work and a commitment to achieving great results for our customers. Our friendly customer service team will help you plan your project, while our professional deck restorers and painters will make that vision a reality. These are just a few of the reasons why we are the deck service company Maryland residents trust.


The outside of your home comes in contact with dirt, bird droppings, insects, pollen, and other pollutants every day. Even the rain contains pollution that can make your home look dingy.

Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC has years of house washing experience. Once you know more about our service, you’ll see why so many of our clients keep asking us to clean their homes.


  • Removing allergens.
  • Protecting the value of their homes.
  • Improving their house’s curb appeal.
  • Removing spiderwebs, nests, and pests that they don’t want to deal with.

Door Installations

Trust Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC With Your Door Installations

We can help replace or upgrade doors almost anywhere in your home. Want to boost curb appeal with new exterior doors? Lean on us for front door installation. Make your outdoor space easier to access with patio door installation. With screen door installation, you can welcome a refreshing breeze into your home without the bugs. Or, add extra security to your front door with storm door installation. Whatever your goal, we want to make the entrances of your home work for you.


Our professional window installers are equipped to handle most window installation and replacement projects.

Installing new windows is one of the best things homeowners can do to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Not only that, but new windows also increase property value, function perfectly and look great! Our professional window handymen are qualified to install and replace any type of windows.


Vinyl is an affordable and durable flooring material that homeowners love; it’s available in many different colors and styles and can be installed in a variety of locations throughout the house.


  • Vinyl planks
  • Vinyl sheets
  • Vinyl tile

Vinyl planks give you the appearance of real hardwood floors without the high costs or maintenance. Luxury vinyl planks take this one step further with thicker planks and wear layers, high-quality visual layers, edge treatments, warranties and more! Vinyl tile can be arranged to create patterns and is easier to repair when damaged. Vinyl sheets provide a seamless floor covering perfect for high-moisture areas that would warp real wood.

No matter what type of vinyl flooring you want, we can install it anywhere in your home! We’ll take the necessary time to prepare the subfloor by filing in holes and sanding down high spots, for a quality fit, finish and look.


Was your wood fence installation so many years ago that the boards have begun to become loose, or have animals and weather slowly worn away the integrity of some of your fence posts and parts?
Fence repair are part of the promised service at Hector & Son Home Solutions LLC. Our team is able to help repair minor fence issues like loose boards or rusted gates, to more serious issues like leaning poles and missing boards altogether.


There are a wide variety of tasks associated with fences

• Repairs: Common repairs include covering holes in your fence, and replacing fence posts, pickets or planks.

• Installation: If you need new fence installation, a section of a fence constructed, or gate installation.

• Garden: Many people are also looking for fence maintenance having to do with yard and garden work, like removing vines, digging up roots, installing wire fences for garden boxes or new trees, and installing trellises.

Don’t be on the fence–book a task today!


A gutter system is essential in protecting your home from damage.

Gutter cleaning should be done at least once a year. Depending on the surroundings of your home, strata or business, the majority of our clients are on either a semi-annual cleaning (Spring and Fall) or a Quarterly Cleaning (every 3 months). Whatever the case may be, keeping the building envelope free from a constant flow of water is important for aesthetics and preventing structural damage and rot.


If you have any question regarding your construction project, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our professionals. We are pleased to offer all types of construction services for your needs.


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